Dr Lionel Hume

Senior Policy Advisor, Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Dr Lionel Hume

Senior Policy Advisor, Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Lionel worked as a scientist with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in New Zealand for 15 years, working on a variety of plant nutrition/soil fertility projects.  These included work on the phosphorus and nitrogen nutrition of legumes; soil factors affecting nitrogen fixation in legumes (such as nutrient availability and soil acidity); fertility of Pacific Islands soils (including field trial programmes in the Cook Islands and Tonga); water availability and seasonal growth patterns; plant growth on mine tailings; and soil factors affecting the growth and spread of major weed species.

Lionel currently works as a Senior Policy Advisor for Federated Farmers of New Zealand and is part of Federated Farmers’ Water Team.  He has had considerable involvement with regional planning processes and a succession of water quality and quantity limit-setting processes which are on-going.

Lionel has been a member of the Irrigation New Zealand board since 2006.

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney – Room E5.10 & E5. 10

When: Day 1 – Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 16.30 – 17.00

Abstract Outline: Economic pressures (both international and domestic) on New Zealand’s agriculture have led to intensification, with consequent environmental impacts.  Because of increasing community concern about impacts on water quality, the use of water and discharge of nutrients are becoming increasingly constrained by regulation.

This is particularly true for Canterbury, which has about 65% of New Zealand’s irrigated land area and has a large proportion of shallow, stony soils which are vulnerable to drainage and the loss of soluble nutrients such as nitrate.

Planning instruments (both national and regional) are in place, or currently being developed, to address these issues.

Collaborative processes are being used and further developed to arrive at solutions.  Further work is needed to overcome the current divide between collaborative and statutory processes.  The challenge is to develop statutory processes which accommodate collaboration and build solidarity.

Dr Lionel invites the audience to share its wisdom on the above!

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