Dr Jim Hargreaves

Development Engineer, Waterforce

Dr Jim Hargreaves

Development Engineer, Waterforce

Upon completion of his PhD in 1996, Jim lectured at Massey University (Palmerston North, New Zealand) for 15 years in Agricultural Engineering, with a strong focus on Irrigation Design. Most teaching was at an extramural level. He also pursued his other interest (renewable energy and energy efficiency), lecturing to undergraduates and assisting with post graduate masters and PhD studies. In 2011, he decided some real-world exposure was required, so embarked on a 4-year period of contract teaching direct to industry specialising in the delivery of pump training courses and various irrigation and effluent system design courses. In 2015, he joined the ranks of Waterforce as an internal trainer, and is now part of the Water Management Team involved with enhancing the Water management experience for farmers and system managers.

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney – Room E5.10

When: Day 3 – Friday, 15 June 2018, 9.30 – 10.00

Abstract Outline: INTRODUCTION

Who is WaterForce. A New Zealand based irrigation supply and services company servicing the irrigation districts throughout New Zealand.
What is SCADAfarm. SCADAfarm is a precision irrigation monitoring system used with Valley Irrigation Centre Pivot systems. Providing a “virtual control panel” from office and mobile devices, it is empowering farmers to make quality, informed business decisions.
What is the collaborative support from Schneider Electric and Microsoft. SCADAfarm uses an industrial SCADA system and hardware components from Schneider Electric. The use of proven Microsoft Azure’s cloud management technology means that data can be easily shared.

SCADAfarm InZone Water Budgeting

The SCADAarm InZone water budgeting system will be described including the use of graphs and tables from the SCADAfarm system to convey the benefits. A demo of the system can be utilised to show the easy of use.

SCADAfarm Proof of Placement

The SCADAFarm Proof of Placement system will be described including the use of graphics from the SCAADfarm system to convey the benefits.


Summary of the benefits of the SCADAfarm system and the two modules described will be presented.

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