Dr Bernie Omodei

Owner, Measured Irrigation

Dr Bernie Omodei

Owner, Measured Irrigation

In June 2012, Dr Bernie gave a presentation on measured irrigation at the ICID & IAL Conference in Adelaide.

In December 2014, a seminal paper on measured irrigation was published in Irrigation Science, an international peer review journal. The title is “Accuracy and uniformity of a gravity-feed method of irrigation”.

Dr Bernie was invited to give a presentation on measured Irrigation at the International Symposium on Rainwater Harvesting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, June 2015.

He was a Keynote Speaker at the 4th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture in Beijing, July 2015. The title was “Measured Irrigation – Improving the water-efficiency of irrigation by changing the irrigation paradigm”.

In October 2016, Dr Bernie was invited to Kenya by ICRAF (World Agroforestry Centre) to participate in a workshop to train farmers and extension workers.

He is currently consulting with World Vision Australia to make measured irrigation available to smallholders in developing countries.

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney – Room E5. 10

When: Day 2 – Thursday, 14 June 2018, 09.00 – 9.30

Abstract Outline: The presentation updates recent developments with measured irrigation, a new paradigm for irrigation scheduling that takes account of the prevailing weather conditions.

Three measured irrigation products are discussed:

DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit: Using the kit, one can automate a drip irrigation system so that water is pumped automatically from a farm pond (or other water supply) to a header tank and all plants are irrigated automatically. The irrigation scheduling is controlled by a float switch mounted on the side of an evaporator. For pressurised systems the pump and the header tank are not required. The DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit is currently being trialed by DryDev in Kenya with the support of World Vision. The results of the trials are presented.
Four-zone Adaptor: For some applications one may wish to use more than one irrigation zone. For each additional zone one will need an evaporator, a control dripper, a solenoid valve, and a float switch.

MI Upgrade Kit with Level Sensor: The kit is used to replace the float switch mounted on the side of the evaporator with a level sensor resting on the evaporator.
A number of measured irrigation scheduling methods can be implemented by any smallholder or gardener using a Soil Moisture Probe (steel pipe).
Sunset scheduling and modified sunset scheduling.
Fully-automatic scheduling with float switch and semi-automatic scheduling with float switch.
Fully-automatic scheduling with level sensor.
These new irrigation scheduling methods are discussed.

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