Brian Jackson

Senior Principal Engineer, Water Technology Pty Ltd

Brian Jackson

Senior Principal Engineer, Water Technology Pty Ltd

Brian holds a CPEng, RPEQ and an MSc in hydrology (summa cum laude). He is an adaptive water resources manager, and hydrologist with 20 years of experience in implementing integrated water resources management. As the acting Chief Executive Officer and the Specialist Manager for Planning and Operations at the first Catchment Management Agency established in South Africa, he has been at the forefront of implementing the internationally respected water act of South Africa.

Brian oversaw the development of the first ever Catchment Management Strategy in South Africa and he also implemented an innovative adaptive real time operational water resources management framework for river operations based on adaptive management principles and the integration of data, modelling, governance and stakeholder centered consensus driven decision making using action research methodologies.

Brian currently works for Water Technology, where he is responsible for the HydroNET platform in Australia and New Zealand.

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney – E5.2 – E5.3

When: Day 3 – Friday, 15 June 2018, 10.30 – 11.00

Abstract Outline: HydroNET RainWatch – radar rainfall data and smart tools:

Improved observed and forecasted rainfall data is one of, if not the most, important aspect in understanding, planning for, designing solutions to, managing, operating, maintaining and evaluating farming activities affected by rain. A good understanding of the location, timing, duration and intensity of precipitation is vitally important. HydroNET RainWatch uniquely provides near real-time and historic calibrated, gauge blended radar rainfall data, providing you the equivalent of 1 rain gauge every kilometre, improving knowledge of the rain that falls between the gauges. HydroNET RainWatch further provides smart tools to easily access, visualise, interpret and use the data (including exports for use in other software) and is a worldwide leading expert in real-time calibration of radar rainfall data.

HydroNET Water Auditing, easy insight into irrigated water use:

The Water Auditing Application calculates the irrigated water use for each field using satellite information and an innovative algorithm and makes it available for easy viewing and use in an online dashboard. It can be relatively quickly, cheaply and easily implemented across large regions and is especially designed for such application, i.e. the easy monitoring of water use over large regions.

The application can aggregate the use against farm boundaries or catchment areas provided and generate automated reports.

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