June 7, 2018 2:27 pm

Preview Davey Water Products’ latest products

This year at the Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition, we are addressing the big issues affecting the irrigation Industry. That’s why we are excited to share with you some of the latest products on show from our exhibition partner, Davey Water Products.

Davey Water Products has been a trusted name for over 80 years, providing innovative Australian products globally. This year is no exception with the preview of the following Davey Water Products at the IAL conference.

Davey TankSense

When your livelihood depends on rainwater, being able to manage your tank water levels is critical. Davey TankSense is an invaluable device that monitors and tracks your water storage levels to ensure supply is always available. Customisable to suit your specific living arrangements, TankSense provides real-time data direct to your mobile phone, such as how many days of water you have left remaining and alerts as to when your tank water is reaching critically low levels based on your household’s usage.

TankSense also predicts weather events, avoiding the need to order water based on expected rainfalls. Designed for above-ground water tanks, TankSense is easy to install and simple to use. The Davey TankSense is a small investment for peace of mind so you never run out of water.

Davey Microlene Farm

Davey Microlene Farm is a revolutionary water-purification system for farms, regardless of the water source. Developed to improve water quality for dairy cattle in New Zealand, observed benefits point to reduced maintenance of water infrastructure, improved animal health and increased milk production.

Taking up only a small footprint, the Davey Microlene Farm unit removes contaminates and bacteria from water through customised filtration and water treatment technologies to deliver reliable and dependable pure water year round.




Davey Remote Start Firefighter MkII

The Davey Remote Start Firefighter MkII brings a new level of control to one of Davey’s hottest new releases in the past 18 months. Originally developed for remote fire protection of rural homes, the MkII expands the capability of the Remote Start Firefighter to allow for remote water transfer and management on rural properties.

Allowing for automatic shutdown, with the addition of a float to avoid water loss through overflow and flow and pressure switches to ensure constant water delivery, the Davey Remote Start Firefighter MkII ensures constant water transfer without the need for physical intervention in remote areas. The Davey Remote Start Firefighter MkII can operate autonomously or via remote control wherever 3G networks are accessible without the need of a power source.



Davey Monsoon IQ

Davey’s Monsoon IQ provides users with intuitive control of boosted water management systems through remote 24/7 cloud-based access from anywhere in the world. Controlling and monitoring the system continuously and providing instant alerts on the performance of the commercial pump sets.

Davey Monsoon IQ reduces stress on the system through soft fill and limit technology as well as avoiding loss of prime. Programmable system scheduling also allows for increased energy efficiency to take advantage of wholesale off-peak energy pricing. Davey’s Monsoon IQ’s self-diagnosis logic allows for preventative maintenance by identifying leaks or faults in the system and allowing instant shut-off avoiding water loss.

We look forward to showcasing all TankSense at the IAL from June 13-15 in Sydney, alongside other products in our range including the Monsoon IQ, Remote Start Firefighter, and the Microlene Farm.  Come down to stands D10 and M10 to meet our friendly team and talk about your Davey needs. https://davey.com.au/ial-2018

See Davey and Davey Water Products at Stands D10 and M10

More information: https://davey.com.au/ial-2018

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