June 8, 2018 5:51 pm

Harnessing the cost benefits of end-to-end energy management

Commercial and industrial energy users continue to be faced with unprecedented energy market volatility, and a higher price environment has brought energy costs, demand management and efficiencies into even sharper focus.

In simple terms, the cost of energy to a business is a function of two factors – price and volume – and as an independent provider of energy management solutions, Energy Action is uniquely placed to help its clients minimise both.

Increasingly, savvy businesses are looking to optimise their energy usage across the lifecycle, from evaluating and reducing consumption, seeking lower energy prices through better procurement and contract management, and considering on-site generation to become more self-sufficient.

All of these factors can substantially reduce a business’s overall energy costs, which can be anywhere from 10% with the right procurement strategy alone, to up to 70% as a fully integrated energy management solution.

Before determining the right path, Energy Action’s expert consultants can help businesses first enhance their current energy strategy and then develop a plan to capture the cost benefits associated with best practice energy management.













Please note:

– these figures are a guide to demonstrate how Energy Action’s services can reduce energy costs (price and volume). It is based on current market trends and prices.

– we have made specific assumptions including that a client is on default rates and has undertaken all our recommendations.

– investment will be required by the client to improve their energy efficiency

When it comes to optimising a business’s energy management plan, Energy Action offers the full spectrum of products and services. From a pricing perspective, we help businesses buy energy at the right price by advising on the best method, timing and duration for procurement.

For higher volume users, we also help offer structured products to reduce price and risk over time or leverage our reverse auction platform to facilitate competitive bids from a range of energy retailers.

Energy Action can also source the best energy deals for clients no matter their size, and through Energy Action’s contract management service, we ensure that clients are on the correct energy tariff and validate their bills.

To minimise consumption and drive asset performance, Energy Action’s can identify ways to drive more efficient energy usage. Starting with conducting energy audits to determine current usage, then tracking the performance of plant and equipment, solving power factor issues and assisting to reduce energy wastage.

Energy Action is also experiencing increasing demand from commercial and industrial clients for on-site generation solutions that underpin the move towards greater energy self-sufficiency.

Our team of consultants and engineers can design and implement small and larger scale solutions including solar PV, co-generation and tri-generation capability that can offer attractive payback horizons and lower long-term energy costs. As one of the first accredited Embedded Network Managers (ENM), Energy Action also establishes and manages our client’s embedded networks and microgrids.

















Ultimately, effective energy management requires careful consideration of the full range of available solutions to reduce the price you pay and the amount of energy a business consumes. As a result, Energy Action can deploy its expertise across the energy optimisation lifecycle to find the most suitable solution based on our client’s needs.

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