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Choosing the right material for your application is vital in choosing a pump. This ensures it’s fit for purpose.

While some materials may be an low-cost option up front, using them in the wrong application can make them far more expensive in the future due to premature failure or unexpected servicing and replacement costs.

Anton Merry, MD of Sterling Pumps, said many factors need to be considered when selecting a suitable material for a pump.

“One of the main factors is the pump’s components. Pumps can be constructed using a variety of materials, so the material used for individual components should be selected based on what will perform best and have the longest life for a particular application.”


For instance, while cast iron may be the cheapest option available for casing, it is still a high performer for irrigation pumps, as well as general purpose and mining pumps.

Another important factor is fluid velocity and service conditions. A pump that sits idle for long periods of time will experience a different rate of corrosion than one that operates continuously. Likewise, a material might have good corrosion resistance against fast flowing water, but when the fluid is stagnant it may be more susceptible.

Other factors affecting material selection include:

·         type of pump

·         initial cost

·         economic life

·         ambient conditions – temperature and environment

·         containment integrity for hazardous materials

·         size of pump

·         intermittent or continuous duty

·         pump suction energy level required

·         method of manufacturing a company specialises in


Sterling Pumps has abroad range of pumping products for agricultural and rural applications whether pumping water from rivers, bores, creeks or dams, to pressure boosting centre and lateral pivots, to frost protection, filling tanks and dams.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we design and manufacture a broad range of Vertical Line shaft turbine pumps in cast iron, bronze or stainless steel for the ag/rural segment. Our Submersible Turbine pumps and motor available in cast iron, bronze and 316SS or our fabricated Stainless Steel pump in 304SS and 316SS.

The submersible pumps and motors can be adapted into an inline booster or designs to be used as Ballast Pumps for obtaining water from rivers, wet well or rivers.

Our horizontal multistage pumps and split case pumps can be installed to supply high flows and pressures for centre pivot and lateral irrigators, pressure boosting and agricultural processing.

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