April 16, 2018 7:27 pm

FEATURED EXHIBITOR: Macquarrie Corporation

Macquarrie Corporation is the industry expert in tailor-made engine control and monitoring solutions. Macquarrie’s engine-management solutions division is comprised of a rich team of multi-skilled engineers, with technical expertise in design, automotive, electrical, software, and hardware applications.



As the sole distributors of Murphy by Enovation Controls products, our goal is to consistently remain at the forefront of the market, with products and solutions that:

  • Save irrigators water, time, and power – through smart engine-control solutions
  • Increase productivity and yield – never miss a watering day, with scheduled run times
  • Increase functionality and ease-of-use – with easy-to-use interfaces and aftermarket support
  • Offer off-the-shelf user configurability – enabling running parameters to be optimised
  • Suit electronic and mechanical engines – tailored to ensure efficiency in any application
  • Increase reliability – with high quality products, ensuring long-life and usability

Macquarrie carries a wide range of engine-control products, each of which can be tailored to automate, control, and simplify your operations in the most efficient way possible.


The POWERCORE® TEC-10 is the latest and most advanced engine control solution offering. Designed specifically with irrigation applications in mind, it features:

  • auto-start/stop functionality
  • enhanced IP67 rugged design
  • off-the-shelf configurability
  • auto-throttling to maintain fixed pump pressure, flow or tank level
  • customised software, including your company branding and logos

Macquarrie also distributes and customises software for the Murphy POWERCORE® ML1000-4X, and ML2000-4X controllers, for complex applications where extensive IO, or more intricate control is required.


At Macquarrie Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide irrigators with more than just an engine-protection system. We provide a fully automated solution to simplify irrigators’ day-to-day irrigation needs.


We specialise in removing the necessity to travel at all hours of the day, and start your engine. Or to realise that it has stopped functioning hours before it should have, with start/stop solutions including:

  • Start, stop and alarm control VIA a propriety SMS-based solution
  • Float start/stop sensors to regulate your tank levels
  • Pressure regulated start/stop to maintain irrigation lines while valves are opened or closed throughout the system
  • Irrigation controller integration: providing your existing irrigation controller will full control of when your engine starts/stops

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