AgriTech Australia 2018 – A new and innovative zone for high end agricultural technology.

Never in human history has our global food system faced the diversity, strength and stress of challenges that it faces today. The global population has increased dramatically with an extraordinary number of people struggling to eat well or at all. The climate is changing in response to the pressures placed on natural and human environments and the way food is grown, gathered and consumed.

This is a time when conversations about food need to extend beyond the kitchen and into the fields, forests and fisheries so that a long term sustainable agriculture moves from theory into practice for a more ecological world.

AgriTech – The future of farming is within reach.

Alongside the already successful Irrigation Australia International Exhibition, the AgriTech Zone will showcase the latest innovations in the agricultural sector through knowledge transfer of what technologies are available and how they can assist farmers and growers in achieving more with less resources.

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