Study Tour

Tour one - Peats ridge - tuesday 12 june

Price $65+GST

Depart ICC – 9:00

Sprint Horticulture (10:00 – 12:00)

Sprint Horticulture is a sales and distribution company specialising in ornamental plants. They are located on the Central Coast of NSW, 80kms north of Sydney.

They represent licensed product developed by breeders around the world. With access to leading plant genetics, Sprint is at the forefront of market development on a global level. Sprint has built climate controlled greenhouses in NSW to ensure high quality plants are delivered to customers all year round. The location of their production facility allows easy access into most countries. They have a comprehensive customer base and have been operating for 17 years.

Wavertree Farms (Barden Produce) (13:00 – 15:30)

Barden’s rapidly expanding company owned farming operations use the latest growing techniques and technology from around the globe to deliver top quality vegetables and herbs every day from their QLD and NSW growing operations. With packing and cooling facilities on site at both farm locations, product leaves their farming facilities packed and ready for immediate delivery to our customers. The NSW site grows Asian vegetables, herbs, hydroponic lettuce, radish and other specialty crops.

Their growing facility based at Peats Ridge on the Central Coast of NSW has been established to grow and pack a range of herbs and Asian Vegetables for distribution around Australia and to supply existing pre-pack facilities for our wide range of products. Utilising the latest in hydroponic NFT technology, they can reduce their water and fertiliser usage while maximising crop outputs to achieve consistently better quality products whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

Return to ICC by 15:30

Tour Two - western sydney university - tuesday 12 june

Price $65+GST

Depart ICC – 09:00

National Vegetable Protected Cropping Centre Western Sydney University Richmond (10:00-11:00)

Led by Zhonghua Chen

To nurture the next generation of horticulture growers and meet rising food demand, Western Sydney University and Horticulture Innovation Australia have combined forces to launch the  state-of-the-art vegetable glasshouse-production research centre. It comprises a $7M new glasshouse and other related facilities and laboratories that will house various industry-driven research and development projects and university degree and training courses at Hawkesbury Campus.

This project uses state of the art water harvesting and disinfection techniques in a fully closed system.

Western Sydney University Water Recycling Project & Centre Pivot Project (11:15 – 14:00 – includes lunch on the University Campus)

Led by Roger Attwater

The Hawkesbury Water Recycling Scheme supports the irrigation strategy on Western Sydney University’s Hawkesbury campus, as a demonstration of best practice peri-urban management. Reclaimed water and stormwater are captured, treated and transferred for use associated with the farm enterprise, landscape amenity, teaching and research, a range of water users on-site and adjacent to the campus, and risk management for critical research infrastructure.  Within this scheme, collaboration with NSW Local Land Services has focused on the effective use of centre-pivot irrigation as part of the farm’s agro-ecology, and as a platform for teaching initiatives associated with precision agriculture in this peri-urban context. This field tour will address these initiatives, and the broader context of risk management and resilience in this peri-urban landscape and water cycle.

Local Land Services Greater Sydney Demo Farm (14.00 – 15.00)

Led by Matthew Plunkett

Local Land Services Greater Sydney manage a practical demonstration farm showcasing innovations in irrigation, horticulture and mixed farming.  Participants will look at a fully automated solid set irrigation system and a range of soil moisture monitoring technologies.

Return to ICC by 16.00

Safety requirements: All visitors to Sprint Horticulture must wear the following essential clothing while on site
– Long pants / trousers
– Flat, enclosed footwear

Long sleeves are advisable. Failure to comply with the above clothing requirements can result in exclusion of participants from exiting the bus on tour. Visitors should also bring clothing appropriate to protect against weather including sunscreen, hat and raincoat or rain jacket (as required).

Please note that all study tours include lunch.

You can select & register for a study tour when you complete your registration.

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